Author Topic: The Battle of April 19, 1775 by Coburn  (Read 2211 times)


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The Battle of April 19, 1775 by Coburn
« on: September 08, 2016, 09:27:17 AM »
My apologies if this has been mentioned before- I have just read "The Battle of April 19, 1775 in Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville and Charlestown Massachusetts" by Coburn, he specifically mentions that Pitcairn gave an order to fire on the green. This seems to be at odds with some other accounts I have heard/ read. Any comments on this?

..Then one of the other mounted officers, about
two rods behind Pitcairn, name unknown,
brandished his sword and the regulars huzzaed
in unison. He then pointed his pistol towards
the minute-men and fired. f
Pitcairn was back to that officer, so did not
see him fire. He heard the discharge, and
easily might have mistaken it as coming from
an enemy, for he had not authorized it himself. J
Furious with passion he gave the order:
There was hesitation to obey from his men,
for he repeated:
"Fire, damn you, fire!"**